Monday 18 March 2013

BlogLovin, and Help Please!

Hi there

I've jumped on the BlogLovin bandwagon, it's super easy to do, I'm following all the blogs over there that I follow at the moment, one click and they're all there - so easy. I've put a badge in my sidebar, if you'd like to follow me on Bloglovin :)

Now. I've been using Promarkers since I started stamping, and I'm considering switching to Copics...Can anyone offer me their opinions and advice on whether I should change or stay with PMs? The one thing with the Promarkers that bothers me - there's a million and one colouring tutorials for Copics, but only a handful for Promarkers...

Do the Copics colour better? I've seen loads of fabulously coloured images done with Copics, but then again, I've seen some fabulously coloured images with Promarkers as well... so maybe I'm just not a very talented colourer and using Copics instead of Promarkers wouldn't make any difference to the standard of my colouring at all lol. Before I invest in a new set of pens, I want to have as many opinions as possible!

Thanks :)
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  1. I played with both, before opting for Copics. I find it easier to have a numbering system to know which colours will blend and how the shades work together. I like the brush nib too, although I think promarkers offer a similar choice now. Copics are also refillable - which ultimately makes them more cost effective.
    Hope that helps! Good luck! :)

  2. I used to be a pro marker fan but once I tried a Copic, I was hooked! They blend so much better and being refillable is a god send!
    Helen x

  3. Hi Tanya, I colour with Promarkers and have the same thoughts, from time to time. Thing is Copics are so much more expensive than Promarkers and, now that I've got pretty much every Promarker colour, it would cost an absolute fortune to swap.

    I found quite a lot of tuts on YouTube for Promarkers, but there are certainly lots more classes / courses for Copics. Have you tried the colouring DVD from Polkadoodles? Or joining in with the Promarker group on FaceBook?

    Do you follow Lou Mac ( she does some amazing things with Promarkers, but then Faye ( does amazing things with Copics!!

    On the whole I think I will stick with Promarkers and Flexmarkers, but where the Promarkers colours are lacking I've got a few Copics to supplement. So for pinks I got a few Copics, as I think the Promarkers pink range is pants.

    Sorry I've waffled on there for ages!! Long story short, I'm happy to stick with the Promarkers (with a few Copics thrown in) and I'm going to carry on practising as I reckon it's how you colour rather than what you colour with.

    Did that help at all? Probably not - sorry!!!


  4. I am now following you on bloglovin.
    I use both and I think they both blend equally well. Although you can fill copics, Pro markers last so much longer. I have had copics run out of ink but not my pro markers. The nibs on pro markers are a lot thicker, so for detail work you would need to invest in some nib attachments. Hope I haven't confused the matter.
    Hugs Sharon. x

  5. Hi Tanya, bit like Sarah said, I've got quite a lot of promarkers and just a few copics (they are much more expensive!) so it would cost far more than I can afford to swap over. I do like the blending ability with the copics and (again, as Sarah said, some of the colour ranges are nicer in my opinion!). I have now acquired quite a few flexmarkers and love the brush tip (similar to copics). And I've got quite used to colouring with pm's too so will probably stick with those and with flexmarkers and a few copics added in! (Until I can persuade husband that investing in a couple of hundred pounds worth of copics would be a good thing....!). Sorry, that probably didn't answer your question or help really did it?!*!
    Kim x
    (Now off to try and work out what these changes are to blogger and about bloglovin - I don't do change well, my ageing brain just can't!)


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