Monday 19 March 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

Today my friend Catherine awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award! I'm haaappy :D Thanks Cat! I love blogging, it's nice having other people look at it too :)

The guidelines for the award are:
List 7 things about yourself
Award 15 other bloggers

I don't really know that many bloggers at all, most of the blogs I follow are all commercial ones or the owners already have all the awards... The only person I can think to award this to is Rachel of Ladybird Dreams. If I hadn't seen her blog and her work, I probably wouldn't have started blogging myself! So kudos for the inspiration :)

7 things about myself. Hmmm.

1. I love taking photos. I'm not particularly good at it though. Having photos of times past that I can look back on and cherish is hugely important to me, so I always have my camera with me.

2. I don't follow any fashion trends and never have done. I wear what I like at the time, and if it fits in with the current trend, all well and good, but I don't aim to do that. My style is my own and no one else's. Which sometimes causes some pretty weird and wacky outfits.

3. I'm a crazy cat-lady. I couldn't be without my kitties! I live on a farm so they're all outside cats. At the moment I have 8. Fanbelt, her kitten, Scraps, Zero, Jinji, Blackie, Whitey and Fake. I love them all! Jinji thinks he's a dog though. He knows "sit", "up", "down" and "roll over". I don't much care for dogs (except Jinji :P).

4. I have my Private Pilot's Licence and have been flying since I was 15. I do not, however, know how to drive a car.

5. I collect Flik Flaks. They're the best watches ever! Even if they're supposed to be for kids. I have 16 of them. I got the first one for my 9th birthday and have loved them since then.

6. I'm a grammar freak. I don't like when people spell things incorrectly or use incorrect grammar. It really bothers me!

7. I have really, really vivid dreams all the time. I can't remember the last night that I didn't have one. They range from everyday things (like borrowing a jacket from someone) to the plain weird (one of my sisters being a wild monster and the other one having to save the world from her). I also have extremely frightening nightmares a lot. I also talk/scream/sing/laugh in my sleep, and I sleepwalk too.

So those are my 7 facts, thanks for the award Cat and thanks for looking :)

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  1. OMG thats sooo sweet!!! Thank you very much for the award!!! I defo accept and will post about it soon - 3 days till hand in :S lol so will post after that!!
    Thanks again.
    Rach xxx

  2. you have a pilot's license?! best. fact. ever. fly me somewhere tanya! xx


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